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Healing Ourselves and the Environment

Research, Regenerate, Restore, Retreat


Blue Earth Forest Farm is an off-grid forest farm established in 2018.
700m above see level.
Interior Douglas Fir climax forest arid dry-belt of the Thompson river watershed.
British Columbia, Canada.
Unceded indigenous territory of the Cook's Ferry, Oregon Jack (Nlaka P'amux), and Ashcroft First Nations.

We use Permaculture and EcoForestry principles and welcome Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) from the local First Nations.
We are regenerating and restoring the forest understory, edges and meadows to preserve top-soil integrity, maximize moisture holding capacity, and increase the fungal matrix while growing foods, medicines and building materials.
With this work, when fire returns, it will do so in a more natural and less catastrophic way.

We characterize this process as a healing journey.
As above, so below; as within, so without.
All relations.
We believe the healing journey for all of us begins internally and manifests externally.
What does this mean? 

Healing happens on three levels.
Mental or Mind Level; 
Material, Physical or Body Level;
Vibrational, Meta-Physical or Spiritual Level.

All of us at Blue Earth Forest Farm are somewhere along this journey.
As we heal along these paths internally we work to heal along these paths externally by working in the forest and the meadow.

We organize a series of workshops each year to offer the public who want to learn more about their own healing journey.

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