Blue Earth Forest Farm is an off-grid forest-farm in British Columbia, Canada.

The Nlaka’pamux people have lived here for 1000's of years sustainably and respectfully.

It is our intention to respect this wisdom and the peoples carrying on these traditions.

They are not as far down the path of genocide as many cultures of the world.

They are currently undergoing one but have held on to their "red road" which is represented in their understanding of nature and the medicine wheel.

I realize now that i am the "white" part of the medicine wheel.

There are 4 colors in this wheel of healing and they represent all 4 skin colors of all humanity.

I am wanting to relearn what it means to be a healthy part of this wheel of healing.

I don't want to get in the way of the other 3 parts of the wheel and their healing.

We will not heal unless we heal together and help each other do so.

If we heal ourselves, we heal the earth.

If we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.



The practice of mindfulness, mediation and contemplation has changed my life.

I now understand what someone means when they say "born again".

My life now has new and profound meaning.

Or should i say, life (not my life) has new and profound meaning.

I now see this world as something much more than concepts.

Concepts the mind has created to better understand it.

If one is not careful (mindful) then one can also get lost in this thought.

Mistake this thought for reality.

When i begin to realize i am not who i think i am, then the world takes on new meaning.

I begin the process of transcending what is i, what is myself, what is mine.

The daily work in the forest, in the farm, in the forest-farm is part and parcel to this practice.

The healing of the soils in both the forest and the farm is integral to my mental health.

I believe as one heals, the other heals.