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Blue Earth Forest Farm is an off-grid forest-farm in British Columbia, Canada.

The Nlaka’pamux people have lived here for 1000's of years sustainably and respectfully.

It is our intention to respect this wisdom and the peoples carrying on these traditions as we do our own healing and relearn our own wisdom and traditions; as we all decolonize.

The Nlaka'pamux are not as far down the path of genocide as many cultures of the world.

They are currently undergoing one but have held on to their "red road" which is represented in their understanding of nature and the medicine wheel.

I realize now that i am the "white" part of the medicine wheel.

There are 4 colors in this wheel of healing and they represent all 4 skin colors of all humanity.

I am wanting to relearn what it means to be a healthy part of this wheel of healing.

I don't want to get in the way of the other 3 parts of the wheel and their healing.

We will not heal unless we heal together and help each other do so.

If we heal ourselves, we heal the earth.

If we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.




Over the past 3 decades i began teaching myself how to heal my own disease.

I was told all my life that i had an incurable disease: asthma.

At the age of 23 (1993) a small silver haired yoga teacher with sparkly eyes taught me differently.

To be honest, i knew nothing of yoga and was at University and overhead a beautiful woman talking of this yoga class taking part every morning on campus.

Like a bee to a flower i followed.

Little did i know how much this class would change my life.

I did the breathing exercises (pranayam) and the physical exercises (asanas).

After one week i realized i had not used my inhaler once that week.

This had never before happened.

To that date i used my inhaler at least once/week when confronted with some kind of trigger to my asthma (dust, dander, pollen, stress).

Two weeks go by, same thing.

Three weeks go by, same thing.

No inhaler for 3 weeks!

I had changed nothing else in my life.

What was going on!?

I approached the small sparkly eyed woman and she smiled and said:

"Maybe no one has ever taught you how to breathe with your diaphragm?"

I continued with the breathing exercises.

I have done them every day since.

At first i became very angry with the medical system not knowing this simple technique and not bothering to teach it to me.

I grew up wetting the bed until i was 12 years old.

Embarrassed to go to sleep overs with my friends.

Having to hide my wet sleeping bag when i did.

I now realize all the drugs i was on was probably contributing to my kidneys and liver flushing all the drugs i was on.

If only my doctors knew this simple technique.

This led me to study all the healing modalities of the world that came my way without judgement or bias.

I read every book i could find on people who had healed themselves of their supposed chronic or terminal disease.

I did what the Buddha constantly stated:

"Don't believe this because i say it to be true,

(that would be religion or the current state of science and medicine (the new religion))

go see for yourself if it's true."

I am thankful that some of modern science (and medicine) is now confirming that the mind and body are one field of vibration.

What does this mean?

From my observation, this means we need to go inwards for truth, before going outwards.

There are many paths for this process.

There are many teachers.

Seek as many as possible,
Whichever one resonates with you most,
Proceed with an open mind-body and spirit.

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