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Kids Off Grid

When it comes to getting off the grid, everyones a kid.
Our Son and Daughter are learning the pros and cons of living off grid as are my wife and i.
We are thankful for their adaptability and willingness to learn.
We live in a valley next door to one of British Columbia's oldest intentional communities.
There have lived off grid for over 30 years.
We have them to thank for saving us years of figuring out how to do it.
We have encouraged our children to make these videos so that we all may learn.
We encourage them to reflect on what an electricity grid costs all of us;
in what comforts we choose;
and what we take for granted in a world that needs radical change from the dominant species; human.

Relearning the White Road of the Medicine Wheel

Science is a system of knowledge. When one researches the Science of the Red road and ecological knowledge of the First Nations one realizes a profound depth of wisdom. As we heal from colonization belief systems and the ecological trauma it has caused we begin to better understand the White road of the medicine wheel and how it is integral to the healing of the whole which includes Red, Yellow, Black and White roads for all the races of the world in this Healing Journey we find ourselves walking along.

Preserving Wood Sills with Shou Sugi Ban and Pine Tar

Working in Heritage and Restoration construction taught us about these old practices that are non-toxic and superior to the modern industrial war chemicals. No need for copper-chromium-arsenic green stuff. The Vikings and Scandinavians knew best and have revived these recipes for the modern world. So happy to have found these products and have learned how to use them. We are happy to share what we have learned about them.

Milk Paint: The non-toxic forever finish

They say that the original red barns were red from blood added to milk paint. In any case if you've ever tried to strip milk paint from wood you will quickly realize it's one of the world's greatest fixatives and protectors. No this ain't no petroleum based surface coat of plastic like today's modern paints. It's a beautifully safe and friendly way to add color and protection to your wood structures. Surface coat with hemp or flax oil and you have water resistance as well.

Food-Forestry is part of the solution

Food and Forests are the main contributors to climate change via top soil erosion and the technologies we have developed in the past 10,000 years. The damage has accelerated in the past century and we now understand how to shift these two ecosystems into solution based technologies.

The Feng Shui of Permaculture P1

The age old Chinese Art of Placement, applied to Permaculture, allows us to better understand the importance of placing passive systems that slow down, stop, spread and soak the water element into our biological systems as water makes its way from the highest point to the lowest point on the landscape we are working with.

The Feng Shui of Permaculture P2

An introduction to our 1 acre food-forest that we have installed in a meadow on the edge of the conifer forest and aspen grove. How burying carbon creates nutrient and moisture batteries to help passively kickstart this resilient food secure system.

The Feng Shui of Permaculture P3

The edge effect explained.
The importance of thinning forests to their natural balance to avoid devastating forest fire and encourage natural forest fire reclamation.

Storing water in small ponds using the passives forces of gravity and contour.

Building swales with rotten wood using an old backhoe.

Water-lense explained (raising the water table).

The Feng Shui of Permaculture P4


Watch this if you don't have time to watch P1-P3.

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